Here Is the Guide to Watch Hulu Plus on Your TV

If you are looking out to get the amazing Hulu Plus experience on your TV, then check out the guiding steps to watch and stream your favorites on your TV.

All Hulu users, what’s new are you heading to your Hulu streaming service? Undoubtedly, Hulu is one of the best streaming services that anyone can get on their TV screen. Well, if you wish for a much better experience regarding the TV shows and movies in high quality, then Hulu Plus is the right option. In the case, if you are not getting the way to activate the streaming service, then you can head on to Hulu Plus activate for activating the service on your compatible device.

After activating the service, if you find that the laptop or any other device is way too small, then you can also switch to your television.

Check out the steps to watch the Hulu Plus on your TV-

Method 1- Watching Hulu Plus using the streaming media players

1) Buying a media streaming player- You can head to buy various streaming media players that you can easily purchase, but note that all of them doesn’t render their support to Hulu Plus. So, ensure that you are buying the compatible one that can run Hulu Plus.

2) Link the media streaming player to the TV- For connecting the media streaming player, you are just required to link the player to the TV by using a compatible HDMI cable.

  • For the list of all the older televisions which don’t have an HDMI, then you can head on to access the old Audio/Video cable.

3) Setting the TV’s display output to the HDMI or Video- By using your TVs remote control and accessing the menu, you can easily change to the display output or HDMI. After doing this, your TV screen should show the home screen of the player.

4) Downloading the Hulu app- Just head on to unlock the player and then head to “App” section from the main menu. If you have the supported player, then you may able to view the Hulu Plus app. Now, just head to install into the player-just like you install the apps on iOS and Android device.

5) Begin streaming the videos- When you are done with the downloading of the app on the media player, just unlock it and then choose the video you are willing to watch. The interface of Hulu Plus is quite simple to use.

Method 2- Watching Hulu Plus on your big screen by using a smartphone

1. Downloading the app on the device- If your tablet or phone is running on either Android, iOS, or Windows Phone OS, you can easily head on to download the Hulu Plus app to watch the videos or TV shows on your big screen.

  • For the iOS device, just click iTunes from the springboard of the device and download the Hulu Plus app.
  • For the Android device, you can download the app from the Google Play Store.
  • For the Windows phones, just click “Store” on the app screen of the device and download the Hulu Plus app.

2. Link the mobile device to the TV- The units of Android, Windows Phones, or iOS devices support the HDMI connectivity. All you need to do is just to link it to the TV and then accessing the HDMI cable which is included with the package of the phone.

  • Check out the user manual of the device to view that the device supports the HDMI connectivity or not.
  • If you don’t get any adaptor or cable with the device’s package, then you can head to purchase any one near you.

3. Setting the TV daily output to the video or HDMI- Just head on to use the TV remote control and then access the settings menu to change the whole display output to HDMI.

4. Unlock the Hulu app on the device- Just head on to click it open from the Springboard or the app screen and then just choose the video that you are willing to watch.

After applying the above steps, if you get any tech bug, then just navigate to the Hulu professionals to get the better assistance and support.

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